North Central Austin Neighborhood Guide

North Central Austin Neighborhood Guide

An urban jungle for foodies and nightlife connoisseurs.

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North Central Austin is comparable to an iceberg in the sense that, while it may look like one thing on the surface, it contains so much more underneath. In the case of this neighborhood, the urban exterior appears to consist of a series of strip malls, but a multitude of eating, drinking, and shopping gems found nowhere else in the city lay hidden throughout. That being said, this might not serve as the go-to spot for anyone looking for green space.

However, individuals who want to reap the benefits of all the world-class dining and entertainment Austin has to offer, without shelling out major bucks to live Downtown, could find North Central Austin a desirable place to call home.

Boasting everything from ramen to arthouse movie theaters to a bar that doubles as a dog park (yes, you read that correctly), the energy here is electric — with the population growing as quickly as the new apartment buildings that seem to pop up in the neighborhood overnight.

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Neighborhood Life

While other areas of Austin center around nature, the vibe in North Central Austin focuses distinctively more on culture — and its residents spend their weekends accordingly.

Whether taking in independent films at the Richard Linklater-owned Austin Film Society, or making their own delicious hot pot concoctions at restaurant DipDipDip Tatsu-Ya, a drive for unique, intellectual activities defines this neighborhood’s community.

Considering the lack of green space to romp around in, this preoccupation makes sense — you may not spot tree-line sidewalks here, but inside the buildings yield to beauty.

Local Hangouts

Carbohydrate lovers rejoice! Not only do three of the best spots to grab pizza in the city (Bufalina, Little Deli, and The Backspace) cook their dough in North Central Austin, but Nervous Charlie’s serves an everything bagel with bacon, egg, and cheese that will taste like home to any New Yorker.

If you still have a bread-sized hole in your heart after that double-header, you can stop by German beer garden, Easy Tiger, to cheer “prost” alongside your crew with some pints and giant pretzels.

Things to know

North Central Austin isn’t particularly walkable, which means that a car is a downright necessity. Luckily, the neighborhood’s infrastructure compensates for this need with lots of available parking spaces on every corner. For those who don’t trust their skills behind the wheel, the number of bus stops make it a prime place for public transportation. A constant influx of new apartment buildings, with their brand-new appliances and amenities, attract residents looking to get the most for their buck.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average rent in North Central Austin, Austin is $1,836 based on the last 3 months of data.
The average apartment size in North Central Austin, Austin is 787ft² based on the last 3 months of data.
The lowest monthly rent in North Central Austin over the past 3 months is $849 for a 1 bedroom apartment, and the most expensive unit is $3,732 for a 3 bedroom apartment.
There are 780 units available for rent in North Central Austin, Austin as of 21 hours ago.

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