Clarksville Neighborhood Guide

The feel of a small-town neighborhood, just blocks away from Downtown Austin.

Friendly · Upscale · Walkable · Historical

Clarksville may sit so close to the big-city atmosphere of Downtown Austin that you can glimpse the skyline from certain parts of the neighborhood, but its overall vibe feels a world away. Originally founded in the early 1870s, this community’s sense of liberty, community, and deeply-rooted history pervades its sidewalks today as much as it did back then.

Decked out with cute, porched bungalows, old-school markets, and pharmacies with retro 1950s signs, it's the kind of place where strolling to the same coffee shop everyday (we recommend Medici Roasting) while passing flower-lined gardens and waving at your neighbors is a distinct reality.

Interesting boutique shops pop up on every corner alongside low-key studio office spaces and some of the city’s best high-end dining institutions — all places so pleasant it feels like a rarity to see someone without a positive attitude walking around Clarksville, even on a rainy day (which, we should mention, seldom happens in Austin).

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Neighborhood Vibe

Professionals and families of all stripes occupy Clarksville’s idyllic streets — you can often find its residents walking with shopping bags from Outdoor Voices on the weekend, an athleisure brand with its flagship store located in the neighborhood. Others push strollers to Mary Frances Baylor Park, which features a splash pad for the little ones to run through on a hot day.

If any neighborhood in Austin could win an award for most trees per mile, Clarksville might take the trophy — everything from palms, to old oaks, to thick-leafed magnolias will brush beside you as you meander through the streets.

Our Favorite Spots

No weekend in Clarksville is complete without brunch, whether at Qi Austin, with its legendary dim sum, or at Clark’s Oyster Bar, where you can people-watch on an umbrella-striped patio while slurping back sweet mollusks.

The food tour doesn't end there, however. The area boasts Jeffreys, arguably the best steakhouse in a city so dedicated to great meat that its unofficial symbol is a longhorn. After brunch, shop at world-renowned vinyl paradise, Waterloo Records — even if your purchases will only decorate your new apartment, as opposed to taking their place on a turntable.

Things to know

Considering its proximity to Downtown, parking in Clarksville can be a little touch-and-go, especially when special events in the city center entrench the surrounding neighborhoods. Luckily, Clarksville’s pedestrian and bike friendly quality means that residents can travel sans car most of the time. Considering the gorgeous landscaping, it might even be preferable.

The apartments here, no surprise, look as adorable as the rest of the neighborhood. Condos with wooden accents and balconies abound, as if the classic, white-picket fence house transformed into a more manageable size.

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