About Us

About Us

About Us: Our Vision & Mission

AptAmigo has a simple goal: to make finding an apartment easy, and maybe even a little fun. We believe that apartment hunting shouldn’t add 30+ hours onto your already-busy schedule. So we made it our mission to build an entirely new service that removes the stress, saves time, and makes it possible to find the one unit that is perfect for you. It’s the service you always wished for, but never knew existed.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're on a mission to change the way people find apartments, which does prompt a few frequently asked questions.

Our clients have given us thousands of 5-star reviews, and almost all of them cite two simple reasons. First, they say, “that was the easiest apartment search I've ever had.” If you've ever rented before, dedicating 30+ hours to apartment hunting probably isn't the best use of your time. Our tech-enabled, team-based approach is designed to do most of the heavy lifting for you.

Second, our clients often tell us, “I never would have found my apartment without AptAmigo.” The reality is that a lot of industry barriers (cough, Craigslist, cough) get between renters and the best apartment deals in a city. Photos and pins on a map can't replace seeing your perfect new home in person for the first time. We've helped thousands of people move over the years, so we know what to look for, how to get the best price, and how to avoid common mistakes.

Signing a 12+ month lease is a major decision that can make your year amazing… or miserable, which is why a bot could never match the satisfaction levels we consistently see in client reviews. There's simply no substitute for a real, local, boots-on-the-ground human who can answer all your questions, help you pick the best neighborhood, and make sure your new home checks every box.

Typically, apartment buildings pay listing websites like Apartments.com and Zillow a monthly fee in exchange for contact information from interested renters. Most buildings receive 900+ inquiries a month, which (as you can imagine) makes it almost impossible for them to respond quickly or efficiently to each one.

By developing a relationship with each client and hand-selecting buildings that are most likely to be a good match, AptAmigo provides a time-saving service to leasing offices. In return, apartment buildings compensate us when we help them find a satisfied new tenant. This partnership allows us to provide our service at no out-of-pocket cost to renters!

To make the rental market work in your favor, start searching 10 weeks before your anticipated move-in date. If you start looking for an apartment any sooner, you'll run into an availability problem since most apartments require 8 weeks' notice when a unit's current tenant intends to move out. This timeframe means any unit that will be available on your move-in date won't even appear online sooner than 8 weeks in advance. Additionally, the units you see online 3 months out will likely be rented by the time you are ready to tour and sign. So, by working within a 10-week window, you'll give yourself the best opportunity to find that “perfect” apartment.

In short: a combination of technology and expertise.

We spent years building the best apartment database available, and our tech team meticulously adds data points to every unit. This software allows us to conduct hyper-personalized searches based on unique unit features, such as which direction it faces, whether it has a dual vanity, walk-in closet, floor-to-ceiling windows, and much more.

Then, our apartment locators use their extensive knowledge of each building to add a few personal recommendations and sprinkle in a few wildcards. Our favorite thing to hear from past clients is, "I never would have found this place on my own!" and "I didn't think I would like this unit, but it was my favorite!"

We know it's hard to believe, but there is no catch. We spent years creating and perfecting the best apartment service in existence. Our proprietary technology and knowledgeable team make it possible to sign a lease feeling confident that you turned every stone, saw every building, and found the one unit that is perfect for you. The only regret you'll have is not knowing about us sooner!

Meet the Team

From helping renters find the perfect place to helping each other get through Covid-19, our team is what sets us apart. With diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and personalities, we're building a genuine apartment dream team.

Working at AptAmigo

At AptAmigo, we value transparency, collaboration, and adaptability above all else. We're building something together that we're proud of, and we show up everyday ready to win. Learn more about our company culture and see open positions here.

Partner With Us

Our goal is to be an asset to both renters and leasing offices. By carefully matching our clients with buildings they love, we’re more than your average ILS. We save leasing staff time, increase tour-to-sign rates, and bring satisfied, long-term renters to our building partners.