Our Culture

We deliver excellent service to renters - as a team.

At AptAmigo, everyone works hard for the growth of the company and our clients. We show up everyday, ready to build something together that we are proud of. Anyone can bring ideas, propose changes, and carve out new projects—and every employee has a direct line to the leadership team. We lean on our core values and the skills of our teammates to bring ideas to life, and we lean on each other to keep morale high. We check-in outside of work, encourage work-life balance, and appreciate what each person brings to the table.

“To me, ‘startup’ means the people doing the work day-to-day are driving a company’s product and strategy.”

Dan Willenborg, CEO

Core Values

These are the values that help us win for our clients.


AptAmigo was founded on the belief that renters deserve more transparency. Over time, that simple belief has woven its way into the fibers of our organization. Transparency helps us build trust, solve problems, collaborate, and adapt.


Collaboration is at the core of what we do. We collaborate with clients, and we collaborate with each other. Behind the effortless experience we give our clients, multiple teams are working together around the clock to make it all happen.


Whether it’s a last-minute change to a client’s schedule or a change in rental trends— quick wits, decisiveness, and a willingness to iterate are key. By fostering agility, our team is always prepared to face challenges head-on.

Blog Articles

“One of the most important ideals a company can foster into its culture is a "yes, and" mentality. We adapt and roll with the punches.”

Rachel Struna, COO