Our Culture Winning as a Team

At AptAmigo, our clients deserve the best service possible. Our approach to real estate is unique in that we don't expect just one person to deliver excellence- we do it as a team. Collaboration, attention to detail, and a winning mentality are the driving forces behind our clients and our company's success. We show up each day ready to deliver a service we are proud of.

Additionally, our growth and success depend on a culture where all teammates can bring ideas, propose changes, and shape the direction of the company. Every teammate has a direct line to AptAmigo's leadership team.

Last but not least, we want you to be yourself at work and have some fun with your coworkers outside of work.

Core ValuesPrinciples that Help Us Win

  • Transparency
    AptAmigo was founded on the belief that renters deserve more transparency. Over time, that simple belief has woven its way into the fibers of our organization. Transparency helps us build trust, solve problems, collaborate, and adapt.
  • Collaboration
    Collaboration is at the core of what we do. We collaborate with clients, apartment buildings, and most importantly– each other. Behind the effortless experience we produce for our clients, multiple teams are working together around the clock to make it all happen.
  • Adaptability
    Whether it’s a last-minute change to a client’s schedule or a change in rental trends, quick wits, decisiveness, and a willingness to iterate are key. By fostering adaptability, our team is always prepared to face challenges head-on.

"To me, the word 'startup' means the people doing the work day-to-day are driving a company's product and strategy."

- Rachel Struna, COO

“One of the most important ideals a company can foster into its culture is a 'yes, and' mentality. We adapt and roll with the punches.”

- Dan Willenborg, CEO

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We're rapidly disrupting the apartment industry, and we're currently recruiting for a variety of roles to help us do just that. As an Inc. 5000 “fastest-growing company” and Top Workplaces award winner, our team of vibrant go-getters can help kickstart your real estate career and take your potential to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

While most real estate careers take 6-12 months to generate income, AptAmigo agents achieve a full-time income in just 2 months on average. Our proprietary technology was custom-built by apartment locators to significantly reduce the time spent searching, building lists, and managing clients. In addition, our innovative team-based approach offloads admin tasks (like scheduling tours, managing building partnerships, and even attending client tours), allowing agents to deliver a consistently excellent experience to more clients at a time. You'll also have instant access to a support system of fellow agents, training resources, and mentorship opportunities.

Becoming an Apartment Locator is a great career choice. This rapidly-growing industry is lucrative in any interest-rate environment and is the fastest route to starting your real estate career. For current or established realtors, it's an excellent way to diversify business offerings and income sources, and build a book of business, as renters often become buyers in the future. Apartment locating is a valuable service with high client satisfaction, allowing you to make a meaningful impact on people's lives while enjoying the rewards of a thriving real estate career.

Simply put: yes. Apartment Locating can be incredibly lucrative. With dedication and the right tools, even individuals with no prior real estate experience have been able to achieve a full-time income within just two months. Apartment Locating provides the potential for rapid financial success, making it an attractive career choice for those interested in the real estate industry.

Apartment Locating is no different than any other real estate job in that you get what you put in. The most successful Apartment Locators know how to strike a balance between working extremely hard and allowing themselves time for relaxation. While TV shows like Selling Sunset often portray the glamorous aspects of a real estate career, the reality behind the scenes involves consistent effort, structure, and discipline to achieve success. Therefore, apartment locating can be challenging, but with the right mindset, determination, and work-life balance, it is a highly rewarding career.

Absolutely! As a realtor, adding Apartment Locating to your business can be highly beneficial. It enables you to expand your client offerings, diversify your income sources, and grow your book of business by connecting with renters who may become home buyers down the line. Additionally, AptAmigo is a fully-licensed brokerage in all the states we operate in, ensuring you can seamlessly integrate Apartment Locating into your existing real estate services, ultimately enhancing your overall business prospects and client satisfaction.

There has never been a better time to pursue a career as an Apartment Locator. Apartment hunting has become progressively more difficult for renters, and apartment buildings that struggle to find tenants also seek out the invaluable services provided by Locators. The Apartment Locating industry is experiencing rapid growth, moving beyond the "early adoption" stage as both renters and the rental real estate sector embrace this emerging field. Additionally, with the buy/sell real estate market decelerating due to rising interest rates, Apartment Locating presents itself as an even more appealing career option in today's market.