East Riverside Neighborhood Guide

East Riverside Neighborhood Guide

A growing Austin neighborhood with lots of access to nature and local music.

Green · Up-and-coming · Vibrant · Athletic

Located in southeast Austin, East Riverside hasn’t always enjoyed its current rising reputation. While old-time Austinites might still hang on to the idea that the neighborhood resists strip malls and maintains its late-70s apartment buildings, visitors encounter a far different reality in the East Riverside of today.

In fact, the whole place, with its dozens-upon-dozens of renovations and new builds, feels like a breath of fresh air. That clean sensation could also partially result from its proximity to the water haven of Lady Bird Lake, where the breeze you can get from walking its shores or paddle boarding across serves as an always needed respite from the Texas summer heat.

However, East Riverside offers more than just nature. Its vibrant nightlife, including one of Austin’s most famous music venues, strikes an ideal balance for the young professionals flocking to the area.

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Neighborhood Life

East Riverside is a neighborhood changing, so it only makes sense that many of its residents recently moved to Austin, looking for a change. Scores of young professionals out-and-about roam the area, whether jogging by on the Lady Bird Lake walkway, downing delicious empanadas and pupusas, or thrift shopping at legendary local costume store, The Bazaar. The apartment buildings are mostly new, with a few older holdouts that, while usually priced at a great deal, might need some improvements when it comes to building services.

Local Hangouts

Every Austin citizen will tell you a story about a night they spent at Emo’s, a famed music venue that moved itself to East Riverside a few years ago in order to have the space for a bigger audience. Despite its location change, it still remains a favorite local spot for catching a band or a comedy performance. After a night at Emo’s, hit up Rosita’s Al Pastor next. Just around the corner from the venue, this food truck sells the best pork and pineapple on a tortilla in the whole city.

Things to know

East Riverside is a pretty easy area to find parking — unless, of course, you’re located in the space right near Lady Bird Lake. Packed with Austin locals and visitors trying to cool off every weekend, the place can become a downright vehicular nightmare. So, make sure that your apartment building or house comes with parking should you choose to live in this particular section.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average rent in East Riverside, Austin is $1,598 based on the last 3 months of data.
The average apartment size in East Riverside, Austin is 801ft² based on the last 3 months of data.
The lowest monthly rent in East Riverside over the past 3 months is $778 for a 1 bedroom apartment, and the most expensive unit is $4,566 for a 3 bedroom apartment.
There are 921 units available for rent in East Riverside, Austin as of 18 hours ago.

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