The Domain Neighborhood Guide

The Domain Neighborhood Guide

An easy-to-walk, planned community with everything you need at your fingertips.

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If your suburban childhood fantasy was to live at the mall, the Domain manifests the real-world, grown-up version of that dream. Located in North Austin, this neighborhood pairs a wide selection of stores, restaurants, bars, and coffeeshops with an ample array of apartments and office spaces, a set-up that has earned it a reputation as “Austin’s second Downtown.”

The Domain’s interweaving of retail and residential real estate works perfectly for the type of person who wants to live around the corner from a Nordstrom and enjoy Starbucks as their closest neighbor. However, if you desire the “keep Austin weird” vibes, be warned — the Domain does not exude that same hip, cultural atmosphere. But, for anyone looking for an amenity-filled apartment to call home, the Domain’s offerings, in addition to its accessibility, could be a huge selling point.

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Neighborhood Life

Whether neighborhood residents or other Austin citizens, city dwellers constantly flood the Domain’s streets. And, with everything contained in one area, any activity, from taking your dog on a walk in the park, or grocery shopping, to stopping by the jean shorts sale at your favorite store, or hitting up the nightlife scene (including clubs!), is easy to check off your to-do list. The apartment buildings here look like standard, new-builds in their outward appearance, but almost all of them feature the kind of amenities, such as pools and gym spaces, that give them an extra edge over the options in other parts of Austin.

Local Hangouts

The options for how to spend your free time in the Domain feel limitless due to its 134 retail stores and roughly 30 restaurant and bar options. You could spend endless hours making your way through them all. Two of our favorites are Plank Seafood Provisions, where you can eat your way through a platter of Happy Hour oysters, and Kung Fu Saloon, a bar where you can down sake bombs while playing their huge selection of arcade games.

Things to know

Huge parking garages dominate every other corner, so parking is not a problem in the Domain. Additionally, trees line the always clean sidewalks and streets in the neighborhood, making it a perfect place to walk and browse should you decide to lay off the gas pedal for the day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Domain a part of downtown Austin?

Many consider The Domain to be a second downtown for Austin. With many people calling the area home, as well as numerous companies with offices there, The Domain is a center for activity that rivals downtown. However, with all the big companies and big-name retail in the area, The Domain has a distinct feel to it that isn't regarded as the same as the rest of the city.

What is The Domain in Austin?

The Domain is a residential area north of Downtown that includes office space, shopping, and dining. Constructed by commercial and residential real estate development companies, the area has been constructed so residents can eat, work, and play without having to leave their area.

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