Zilker Neighborhood Guide

One of Austin’s oldest neighborhoods - and one of its most beloved.

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Located in South Austin, the neighborhood of Zilker attracts folks who crave some nature alongside their cityscape. You can observe the Downtown skyline from most viewpoints in Zilker, but you’ll only glimpse it through the greenery. Whether picnicking in Zilker Park, kayaking on Lady Bird Lake, jumping into the cool waters of Barton Springs, or hiking through the Greenbelt trail, outdoor enthusiasts here enjoy a variety of activities that citydwellers typically must venture outside the city to find.

It’s not only Zilker residents who love it here, however — Zilker is by far one of the most popular spots in the entire city for locals in-the-know to meet up. In addition to the neighborhood’s natural treasures, its classic dive bars and high-end restaurants also offer plenty of indoor fun for Austinites from all over the city. While gentrification led to rapid growth in recent years, it still preserves enough of the “Keep Austin Weird” spirit to feel authentic, despite the population influx.

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Neighborhood Life

Outdoor vibes permeate Zilker through and through — and its residents too. You won’t find these people sleeping off a night out on Sunday morning because they’d rather bring their yoga mat to the park for some early pigeon pose action. While a love of nature is constant among the folks in this neighborhood, the diverse kinds of housing here — made up of modern apartments sitting next to classic, oak-lined family homes — ensures a mix of young professionals and families who have called Austin home for decades.

Local Hangouts

The biggest attraction in Zilker, by far, is Zilker Park itself, a 350-acre plot of land that plays host to the Austin City Limits music festival every year. From volleyball players to free-roaming dogs to happy hour beer drinkers, everyone can find a space in this vast, green expanse to call their own on a summer day.

For the hottest days, however, Austin locals love to take a dip in Zilker’s Barton Springs, a three-acre public pool filled naturally with water from underground springs with a temperature that always sits around 68 degrees. It’s the perfect antidote for an August day in Texas.

Things to know

Because of how favored Zilker is among Austinites, parking can cause quite the headache. Should you decide to move to Zilker, double check that your new digs come with your own parking spot or driveway. Luckily, once you make it here, you won’t need to rev up your engine too frequently — not only are most of the activities in Zilker walkable or bikeable, but you can also get to Downtown on your own two feet as well.

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Why is Zilker Park famous?

Within the Zilker neighborhood lies Zilker park, a 351-acre park that includes a spring-fed natural swimming pool, standup paddleboarding, a sculpture park, and even a dinosaur area for the kids.

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