1 Bedroom Apartments in Atlanta, GA

1 Bedroom Apartments in Atlanta, GA

Find a Place of Your Own in Atlanta

AptAmigo is a free service that makes finding 1 Bedroom apartments in Atlanta, GA a breeze. Simply tell your dedicated agent what you’re looking for, and they’ll compile a list of all 1 Bedroom Atlanta apartments that fit your criteria. You’ll also have access to the best rent specials, limited time offers, and inside information you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll save time and money, and feel confident that you’ve found the best 1 Bedroom Atlanta apartment for you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost for a one-bedroom apartment in Atlanta is about $1,450 per month.
Typically, one-bedroom apartments have the highest demand, which makes them slightly more expensive than other options.
Utilities (electricity, water, heat, and garbage) for a one-bedroom apartment in Atlanta will cost you about $151.66 per month, according to Numbeo.com.
Connecting with a local Atlanta apartment expert is the best & fastest way to find apartments in Atlanta. You’ll get access to all the current rent specials in Atlanta, get a custom list of recommended buildings (some of which you might not even know about), and sign your next lease with confidence.
Apartment policies regarding AirBnB change frequently, so for the most accurate list, we recommend reaching out to one of our Locators for the most up-to-date information.
It is best to start looking for apartments in Atlanta 10 weeks before your move-in date. 10 weeks will allow you to see all of the inventory available, and also give you plenty of time to tour units and consider your options.
Apartment listing websites can be great for preliminary research, but working with a Locator allows you to ask questions, get personalized suggestions, find buildings you might not have found on your own, find the best rent discounts, and ultimately sign a lease in a place that you love with zero stress and absolute confidence.

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