Uptown Denver Neighborhood Guide

Enjoy walkability, Downtown convenience, and an easy commute in this quiet corner of the city.

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Denver's Uptown Neighborhood offers residents a break from the 16th Street Mall and the city’s bustle while still situating itself on major bus routes, only a stone’s throw from downtown. Professionals and commuters alike spend their time on 17th dining at Uptown’s unique, moderately priced restaurants. Beautiful churches, historic brick row houses, and modern residential buildings form the amalgam that is Uptown.

The name Uptown is often interchanged with North Capitol Hill. It’s a few steps east of the Central Business District and a few steps north of Cap Hill. The convenience of being downtown’s next-door neighbor has also brought upon the rapid boom this neighborhood is experiencing.

This provides reasonably priced, high-end living options while maintaining the charm of an eclectic residential area. Here you will find coffee shops, belly-pleasing restaurants, gourmet convenience stores, and Denver’s seasoned music venues. If you want to be walking distance from downtown, and love having your go-to neighborhood spots, live in Uptown.

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Neighborhood Vibe

Uptown is an extremely eclectic neighborhood. Walk through the tree-lined streets, and you’ll see a mix of Victorian homes and modern loft apartments. This area shares many qualities with Cap Hill and City Park West but is located closer to the bustle of Downtown. If you’re looking for a community feel, but still want to be near urban conveniences, Uptown is for you.

Favorite Spots

Uptown is home to some amazing food options. Marczyk Fine Foods is a local staple for locally-sourced groceries as well as deliciously prepared meals. Watercourse serves up vegan comfort food that even meat-eaters rave about. Steuben's is a retro diner putting a chef’s spin on all the things mom used to make. Enjoy some of the best ramen in Denver and work on your ping pong game at the same time at Ace Eat Serve. And if that’s not enough, ramble down East Colfax for vintage shopping, cozy dives, and live music. If you need a break from the concrete jungle, City Park is just a stone's throw away.

Things to Know

Although this neighborhood is named “Uptown,” it is actually located slightly southeast of downtown. This tiny area often gets grouped in with the surrounding neighborhoods of Cap Hill, CBD, and Five Points. Uptown apartments have some of the best amenities there is to offer, including rooftop pools and mountain views.

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Where exactly is Uptown in Denver?

Uptown is located wet of City Park, 3 miles southeast of Downtown. The neighborhood is situated between Broadway, Colfax Ave, E 23rd Street, and York Street.

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