LoHi Neighborhood Guide

LoHi Neighborhood Guide

Cross the Platte River and step into a chic mix of old and ultra-modern.

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Lower Highlands, commonly referred to as LoHi, is situated near downtown Denver but has a distinct charm that separates itself from the bustling metropolitan area. Although this area is on the pricier side, the community spirit and innovative dining options more than make up for it.

LoHi’s character mirrors its location: somewhere between the wholesome-trendy West Highlands and the poised, sophisticated Riverfront Park. Walk downtown by crossing the Platte River at the Highland Arch Bridge or stay in LoHi to avoid the ballpark crowd and enjoy an Instagram-worthy happy hour. Because it’s located just north of downtown, you get unbeatable city and mountain views from this neighborhood.

LoHi residents unite over their shared interest in patio seating, coffee shops, craft breweries, and walking, biking, or running outdoors. Housing options in LoHi are mostly mid-rise residential buildings or ultra-modern townhomes. Expect higher rent prices, ample parking, and easy access to the highway.

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0 ‧ ‧ ‧Apartments for Rent

Neighborhood Vibe

Walk through LoHi, and you’ll see people jogging on the sidewalks pushing strollers, sitting outside of coffee shops, stepping out to get the mail, and carrying reusable shopping bags to the nearest locally-owned grocery store. This area blends suburban and urban living with a dash of small-town-feel. You’ll bump into neighbors at rooftop happy hours, meet up to attend pilates classes, and enjoy the weekends at home in your little community.

Favorite Spots

Little Man Ice Cream is a local staple, and upstairs, Linger serves delicious treats with a skyline view. Catch incredible views of Denver’s skyline from the patio of El Five while you sip an artisan cocktail with an old-world style garnish. Can’t agree on a place to eat within your friend group? Head over to Avanti, a trendy two-story collaborative space where many high-quality vendors have a selection of multicultural foods to choose from.

Things to Know

As far as price point and proximity to downtown, LoHi is most similar to Cherry Creek. The main difference being geographic, as LoHi borders downtown to the North, while Cherry Creek is located to the south. It blends urban and suburban, offers plentiful upscale dining options, and boasts ample parking. LoHi has frequently been voted one of the best neighborhoods in the United States, and the rising popularity of this area shows it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average rent in LoHi (Highland), Denver is $2,338 based on the last 3 months of data.
The average apartment size in LoHi (Highland), Denver is 683ft² based on the last 3 months of data.
The lowest monthly rent in LoHi (Highland) over the past 3 months is $1,295 for a studio apartment, and the most expensive unit is $5,459 for a 2 bedroom apartment.
There are 157 units available for rent in LoHi (Highland), Denver as of 17 hours ago.

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