Capitol Hill Neighborhood Guide

Capitol Hill perfectly blends the past and present, creating a historic yet hip neighborhood.

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One of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods, Capitol Hill (or Cap Hill) was built by some of Denver’s earliest and wealthiest residents. Gorgeous mansions with unique charm line the streets and capture the richness and beauty of the pre-modern era. This area (and neighboring Cheesman Park) had mostly single-family homes until 1893 when Denver’s economy plummeted during the Silver Crash. Then, the city began building multi-family housing, and some mansions were even split into multiple, affordable units.

Although there is a historic vibe, Capitol Hill is known for great nightlife. An abundance of hip bars, trendy coffee shops, late-night eateries, museums, and old school theaters ensure you always have something to do. East Colfax Avenue is lined with dozens of places you could easily become a regular at. The Civic Center neighborhood sits directly west and hosts festivals, concerts, food trucks, marathons, and more.

This walkable neighborhood is home to many Denver landmarks, including the beloved Molly Brown House Museum, the History Colorado Center, the Capitol Building (not surprisingly), and the Governor’s Mansion.

This neighborhood has a mix of weathered, renovated, and brand new buildings, providing a sliding scale of options and price points available. This means one beds are starting around $1300 for more seasoned but renovated buildings.

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Neighborhood Vibe

Tree-lined streets, bumpy cobblestone sidewalks, and rows of single-family homes give Cap Hill its historic charm. New developments are sprinkled throughout, most of which are mid-rise apartment complexes or modern three-story condos. The surrounding neighborhood of single-story homes means that these new taller buildings will always have unobstructed views of the mountains. Roads are slushy in the winter and shady in the summer, with plenty of lawns and gardens to enjoy during sidewalk strolls.

Favorite Spots

If you’re a foodie, Capitol Hill has more than enough to offer. Need some soul-food? Check out Sassafras American Eatery which provides southern-inspired home-cooked meals. Slice Works is a two-story NY style pizzeria that also includes Gluten-Free options. City O’ City is a vegetarian eatery good enough to make even the most serious meat eater fall in love! Once you’re ready for a treat, check out Bang up the Elephant for a tasty Pina Colada in a tropical oasis.

Things to Know

If you work in the Central Business District, Capitol Hill will be an easy commute. With access to the RTD bus systems, scooters, bike lanes, and walkability, commuting is a breeze. Capitol Hill streets are narrow and lined with parked cars, making it hard to navigate at times. Because of this, parking is cheaper but more difficult to find than parking garages of LoDo or the CBD. If you love walking, biking, or jogging then you'll be right at home in Capitol Hill Denver.

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Where do millennials live in Denver?

Capitol Hill is one of the main destinations within Denver that millennials have taken a liking to.

Where is Millionaire's Row Denver?

In the heart of Denver sits Capitol Hill, once dubbed "Millionaire's Row" in the late 1800's when much of the city's wealthiest citizens resided within the neighborhood.

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