Little Havana Neighborhood Guide

Little Havana Neighborhood Guide

Strong, yet sweet, like Cuban coffee, Little Havana won’t leave you indifferent.

World-Famous · Vibrant · Memorable · Lively

Little Havana, a haven to many newcomers, is named after Havana, the capital of Cuba. One of Miami’s most vibrant and world-famous neighborhoods, it’s located around Calle Ocho (SW 8th St.) and packed with Latin-inspired restaurants, rum bars, cigar shops, bakeries, art galleries, and music venues.

This area has loads of character, with murals, mosaic tiles, and walls covered with portraits of Cuban legends adorning Calle Ocho. It hosts 3 annual Latin festivals where the party doesn’t stop till morning.

The best way to experience this neighborhood is through its amazing food. Many locals and visitors from around the world come here purely for authentic Latin cuisine.

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The ambiance of Little Havana is unlike any other. Any time of the day, visitors bustle about, exploring the unique foods and drinks, galleries, and music spots.

Many residents come to Máximo Gómez Park for passionate political discussions and games of dominoes. Locals also love to gather by ventanitas (small windows) and in the iconic Versailles restaurant for some strong and sweet Cuban coffee, traditional entrees, specialty pastries, Cuban sandwiches, and heated talking. At night, they dance salsa and bachata and enjoy live music in many charming venues.

Because this is an older neighborhood, most apartments tend to be that way too. This area isn’t for someone looking for modern accommodations, but it’s nice for residents who like to immerse themselves in history and culture.

Fave spots

Visit Cubaocho Museum and Performing Arts Center for the rotating art exhibits, music performances, and the best mojitos in town. Ball and Chain is an iconic, late-night live music venue that brings in musicians from all over Miami and the world. Right next to it, don’t miss Azucar, an artisanal ice cream shop with Cuban specialties, like “Abuela,” made with guava, cream cheese, and maria crackers.

Things to Know

Little Havana offers great historic and cultural value, but it can get a bit rowdy. Explore the area thoroughly before you rent to find a spot that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Spanish-speaking establishments are the norm here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Calle Ocho - SW 8th St is where the entire neighborhood centers. With cafes, rum bars, cigar shops, & more Calle Ocho serves as the neighborhood's main artery.
Miami's Little Havana got its name from the high concentration of Cuban exiles living in the area. Thus receiving it's name after the capital city of Cuba.
The average rent in Little Havana, Miami is $2,665 based on the last 3 months of data.
The average apartment size in Little Havana, Miami is 906ft² based on the last 3 months of data.
The lowest monthly rent in Little Havana over the past 3 months is $1,500 for a 1 bedroom apartment, and the most expensive unit is $5,195 for a 4 bedroom apartment.
There are 60 units available for rent in Little Havana, Miami as of 7 hours ago.

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