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Vesty Park

3190 W 14th Ave, Denver, CO

- West Colfax
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Overall rating of 2.5 / 5 based on 2 renter reviews

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2.5 / 5

Jan 2020

I used aptamigo and haven't wrapped my head around the value add of this application. Upon calling/submitting my wants, I was sent a list of apartments that was compiled in less than 2 minutes by using the same filters I'd used. I had already seen and reviewed the apartments with my own search filters for zillow. Iwas pushed the same 2-3 high priced places, which I assume were based on commission structure from the landlord/PM. What exactly is your value add? I asked pointed questions about the apartments and received vague, general feedback that I already had. Figure out your value pitch and actually deliver on it. If you're a broker, then acknowledge it and be a broker.

What did you like most?

The unit is fine. Large and has new appliances.

What did you like least?

The hallways and stairways are filthy. Management is unresponsive. No one calls or emails back.

Dec 2019

Units are nice and has a great location for dogs (lots of green space) but can feel a little unsafe at night. Management is very hard to get a hold of, but when you can they are accommodating.

What did you like most?

pet-friendly building, lots of green space

What did you like least?

unsafe at night, management is hard to get a hold of

Vesty Park Overview and Highlights


Vesty Park is a rental apartment in West Colfax.


3190 W 14th Ave, Denver CO

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Cats Allowed
Dogs Allowed
Fitness Center
Outdoor Pool
Storage Room

Near Vesty Park


This up-and-coming area is on the top of our list of “Denver neighborhoods to watch.” With City Planners focusing heavily on the revitalization of this hidden gem, the West Colfax neighborhood will steadily change in big ways for the next 10 years. Historically, this neighborhood has been put on the back burner as other popular neighborhoods flourished—but now, West Colfax is finally getting the attention it deserves. With close proximity to downtown, easy access to Sloan’s Lake, and both the Pepsi Center and Mile High Stadium in its back yard, you can see why West Colfax is officially on our radar.

While the distinction between the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood and West Colfax is often blurred, a few things set them apart. Sloan’s Lake is mostly single-family homes, while West Colfax has a more diverse mixture of mid-rise buildings, single-family homes, and a few brand-new condos. While this neighborhood is mainly residential, there are a few local breweries and coffee shops sprinkled throughout the area. Sloan’s Lake Park is just a stone’s throw away and offers locals a place to run, bike, or walk their dog.

With brand-new buildings juxtaposed beside older homes, West Colfax is full of character and all walks of life. With Colfax Avenue running directly through the neighborhood, it’s easy to get around and explore the rest of Denver. With West Colfax undergoing such a distinct restoration, many locals are starting to explore Denver's more suburban side.

Nearest Grocery Store

Jerry's Market (5minute drive)

Nearest Convenience Store

7-Eleven (5 minute walk)

Nearest Public Transportation

Decatur / Federal Station (Light Rail)

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