The Elements at Sloan's Lake

1590 Yates St, Denver, CO

- Sloan Lake

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The Elements at Sloan's Lake Overview and Highlights


The Elements at Sloan's Lake is a rental apartment in Sloan Lake.


1590 Yates St, Denver CO





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Cats Allowed
Dogs Allowed
Fitness Center
Storage Room
Bike Room
Business Center
Event Room

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Sloan Lake

Sloan’s Lake is a beautiful blue and green oasis that will take you away from the Central Business District’s concrete jungle. This neighborhood attracts active individuals seeking to take advantage of the endless activities available at Denver’s second-largest park. According to legend, the neighborhood gets its name from Sloan’s Lake, which was accidentally created when Thomas F. Sloan dug too deep on his farmland and hit an aquifer in the 1860s. Today, this massive lake is outlined by a 3-mile trail used frequently by residents for running or walking the dog. Choose between tons of recreational activities like boating, fishing, tennis, basketball, and baseball. More than 60% of residents own their homes here, the highest number in all of Denver’s neighborhoods. That being said, there are still many mid-rise buildings springing up overnight and plenty of homes for rent. If you love being in a lively neighborhood full of outdoor options, Sloan’s Lake is perfect for you.


1590 Yates St, Denver, CO

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