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300 E Seventeenth

300 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO

- Uptown
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300 E Seventeenth Overview and Highlights


300 E Seventeenth is a rental apartment in Uptown.


300 E 17th Ave, Denver CO

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Cats Allowed
Dogs Allowed
Fitness Center
Outdoor Pool
Storage Room

Near 300 E Seventeenth


Uptown Denver offers residents a break from the 16th Street Mall and the city’s bustle while still situating itself on major bus routes, only a stone’s throw from downtown. Professionals and commuters alike spend their time on 17th dining at Uptown’s unique, moderately priced restaurants. Beautiful churches, historic brick row houses, and modern residential buildings form the amalgam that is Uptown.

The name Uptown is often interchanged with North Capitol Hill. It’s a few steps east of the Central Business District and a few steps north of Cap Hill. The convenience of being downtown’s next-door neighbor has also brought upon the rapid boom this neighborhood is experiencing. This provides reasonably priced, high-end living options while maintaining the charm of an eclectic residential area. Here you will find coffee shops, belly-pleasing restaurants, gourmet convenience stores, and Denver’s seasoned music venues. If you want to be walking distance from downtown, and love having your go-to neighborhood spots, live in Uptown.

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