AptAmigo Innovation Scholarship

Supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs

Scholarship Overview

Like many people, when our Co-founder and CEO, Dan Willenborg, began his career in real estate, he struggled for almost a year to make a sustainable income. He discovered several inherent issues preventing even the most driven person from succeeding in a traditional broker model. So, he set out to create a better way.

Dan’s struggles led him to found AptAmigo, creating the best place to start and build a career in real estate. Although we began as a small startup, we quickly became one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.

At AptAmigo, we thrive on innovation and commit to carrying out our core company values of transparency, collaboration, and adaptability each day.

We hope to instill innovation by supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and empowering them to further their education.

The AptAmigo Innovation Scholarship will be awarded to an aspiring entrepreneur, who is eager to make a change.

Eligibility Criteria

The AptAmigo Innovation Scholarship will award one undergraduate student with $500.

Students with a passion for innovation and an interest in pursuing a career in the areas of real estate and/or technology are encouraged to apply.


The deadline for the AptAmigo Innovation Scholarship is March 1, 2022.

Scholarship Opens
Application Deadline
Winner Announced

How to Apply

To apply, submit a 500-750 word essay demonstrating where your entrepreneurial spirit comes from and how you plan to apply your passion for innovation. Explain how the core skills that drive innovation, such as problem-solving and creativity, shape your approach to entrepreneurship and influence your professional goals.