Deep Ellum Neighborhood Guide

Deep Ellum Neighborhood Guide

Deep Ellum acts as the artistic and live music heartbeat of Dallas.

Lively · Gritty · Urban · Musical

Locals call Deep Ellum “a neighborhood with soul.” This gritty Dallas entertainment district is the place to go for thumping live music with roots dating back to 1884. In fact, the neighborhood rose to fame as a blues and jazz hot spot, showcasing acts like Blind Lemon Jefferson, Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter, and Bessie Smith.

Today, you’ll find famous headliners taking center stage, coupled with a hopping bar scene and some of the most-talked-about food around.

However, the neighborhood is currently undergoing a renaissance and is turning a corner into new territory, becoming a cross between historic preservation and shiny new development. Here, ground breaks on new apartment homes regularly, and innovative retail space mixed in with tree-lined brick buildings now define its landscape. The wide sidewalks and hidden haunts remain, ensuring Deep Ellum’s unique character will stay intact.

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Deep Ellum evokes a certain cool-factor. From vibrant street murals, to boisterous brewpubs, to the hottest music venues and best barbecue, it comes across as a colorful, eclectic neighborhood with an urban edge. Friends of all ages congregate here, and anyone with an affinity for live music joints and reimagined warehouses will feel right at home.

Local Hangouts

The Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum serves up some of the most award-winning barbecue in Dallas and should not be missed. Of course, you haven’t really seen Deep Ellum in all its glory until you experience the live music venue, Trees, best-known for attracting cutting-edge bands and the biggest names in the music industry.

Other must-see spots include the country music and bar fare at Adair’s Saloon, and the neo-gothic EDM scene at popular nightclub, The Church.


While Deep Ellum currently functions more as an “entertainment district” than a neighborhood, some big players plan to incorporate new apartment homes and condominiums here while still preserving its core.

A genuine walking neighborhood, the area was not master-planned or centered around retail, resulting in its own unique character and edge. You’ll find a melting pot of musicians, artists, and friendly folks with common creative interests pouring into this tight-knit community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Deep Ellum got it's name from black railroad workers that worked on the railroad crossing in the area in the 1860s. As is the case today, "Elm" street is the area's main artery through to Downtown, and Ellum is a result of the pronunciation of Elm with a deep southern drawl.
The average rent in Deep Ellum, Dallas is $2,092 based on the last 3 months of data.
The average apartment size in Deep Ellum, Dallas is 920ft² based on the last 3 months of data.
The lowest monthly rent in Deep Ellum over the past 3 months is $1,120 for a studio apartment, and the most expensive unit is $4,962 for a 3 bedroom apartment.
There are 203 units available for rent in Deep Ellum, Dallas as of 7 hours ago.

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