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West Loop Neighborhood Map

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It’s safe to say that the West Loop has probably changed more than any other Chicago neighborhood in the last ten years. Historic meat and fish warehouses have made way for Google’s Chicago campus, the McDonald’s global headquarters, Time Out Market, and an amazing array of Michelin-star restaurants and bars on Randolph Street. For any New Yorkers out there, West Loop has become the Soho of Chicago. Fittingly, it boasts our city’s only Soho House!

Because of West Loop’s growth in the last decade, real estate development has been heavily concentrated in the neighborhood. West Loop Chicago apartment buildings blend seamlessly with brick and timber lofts, all of which overlook the highway and the beautiful Chicago skyline. Amenities, both in residential buildings and in offices, emphasize accessibility and convenience. With over 560 acres of medical facilities located in West Loop, it has also become a popular spot for healthcare professionals who live in medical district housing.

West Loop has become one of the pricier neighborhoods in Chicago but still can be a great value for anyone moving to Chicago from New York, San Francisco, Boston, or Washington, D.C. There’s always something to do here, whether it’s bowling at Punch Bowl Social, grabbing the ‘best burger in Chicago’ at the original Au Cheval, or toasting an incredible cocktail at The Aviary.

West Loop is a very walkable neighborhood. You can walk up & down Randolph street and check out the numerous top restaurants. You can do the same along Fulton Market, just parallel to Randolph. The Chicago Riverwalk is also not far from West Loop, with lots of activity as well.
West Loop used to be filled with large industrial and wholesale buildings and still is to some degree. However, nowadays the neighborhood is home to many high-end restaurants and high-rise apartment buildings. In fact, Randolph Street is known as "Restaurant Row" as it's the address for many of the city's top restaurants.
West Loop as it's name suggests is directly to the west of the Loop, with the Chicago River marking West Loop's eastern boundary. Grand Ave serves as it's northern boundary, with Ashland & Ogden to the west, and I-290 along the south.
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