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Safety & Security in the Big City

Doormen serve many purposes within an apartment complex. Not only do they greet you at the door, but they provide security, customer service, receive packages, and care for the wellbeing of all tenants. Having a doorman in your apartment building can make you feel more at home in Denver. Take a look at AptAmigo's selection of apartments with doormen here.

The vibe of Chicago lies in the sweet spot between individuality and community. This city pairs a classic Midwestern friendliness with a focus on networking and career advancement. There is a strong reverence for Chicago’s history and architecture, but also a booming community involved in change and growth. People come to Chicago to immerse themselves in a bustling city and enjoy the opportunities it has to offer.

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3569Apartments for Rent
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What is a doorman in an apartment?

A doorman (or doorwoman/doorperson) is hired to manage the front desk of an apartment building. They provide security & courtesy for the building tenants by receiving packages & monitoring visitors, amongst other things. Doormen are more common in luxury buildings in urban areas.

Are there doormen in Chicago?

Absolutely! AptAmigo currently has over 4000 apartments available with doormen in the best neighborhood in the city.

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