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Coral Gables Neighborhood Guide

Mediterranean · Historic · Affluent · Vibrant · Multicultural

Coral Gables, a more spread out neighborhood than some of Miami’s others, is located just south of Brickell and Coconut Grove.

Locals call it “The City Beautiful” for a reason. Its Mediterranean-style architecture, fountains, and European-style piazzas transform this major urban area into a charming oasis. It’s a pleasure to simply walk down the street and revel in every detail of the city.

People come here for the arts and culture as well as some of the finest shopping and dining. It also functions as a vibrant financial center, with many international companies located here.

Gables hosts some of Miami’s most high-end communities thanks to its attractiveness and cleanliness. The city recently completed two major renovation projects on Giralda Plaza and Miracle Mile, enhancing its economic vitality and creating an even better pedestrian-friendly experience.

Coral Gables is officially the City of Coral Gables, located just Southwest of Miami. It is however, the home of the University of Miami.
According to Money Inc, the 3313 zip code - which is in Coral Gables - is the second richest area in Miami-Dade with a median home value of $3.6 million.
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