Dear AptAmigo community,

As all of us are learning more about COVID-19 each day and doing our best to respond, we wanted to reach out and provide an update on how AptAmigo is adjusting our services.

We realize that regardless of social distancing measures, people still need to find a place to live, especially if their lease is ending soon. We will continue providing 5-star service to our clients through this challenging time by offering virtual apartment tours.

All of our full-time employees are currently working from home. We believe it to be in everyone’s best interest to practice social distancing, and for the foreseeable future we have decided our employees should complete all duties from the safety of their home.

We will continue to provide top-quality service to every single one of our clients by offering virtual tours. As apartment buildings stop accepting in-person tours, our team will be working with leasing staff to gather personalized videos for each of our clients. The only part of our service that will change is in-person touring. We will still consult with each client and organize tours, but instead of viewing them in-person, we will be taking videos. These videos will be personally tailored to each client and will include the exact units available, amenity spaces, floorplans, and any quoted prices or rent specials.

Adaptability is a trait that our entire team appreciates and emulates. In this unpredictable time, it is important to us that we adapt and find new ways to provide the same value to our clients.

Stay safe,