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A community-centered, eco-forward place for families.

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Head over to West Austin, and you will find the Tarrytown neighborhood, a place which may look quaint and traditional, but is actually occupied by individuals with a modern perspective. Austinites recognize Tarrytown for its animal friendly culture.

In fact, in the 1990s, a controversy erupted when the new owner of Tarrytown Shopping Center banned the sale of animal products, or products deemed harmful to animals. All vegan queso aside though, this neighborhood is ideal for families or people looking to raise one — its tree-lined streets, plentiful sidewalks, and multiple caution signs reminding drivers not to exceed the speed limit, make it the kind of place where you can teach your child to ride their very first bike (which, of course, is more environmentally responsible than any gas guzzler).

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Neighborhood Vibe

Some of the most desirable houses in Austin line Tarrytown’s roads, and they come with the price tags to prove it. You could easily spend a Sunday afternoon walking around and staring at the beautiful colonials with their magnolia-tree decorated lawns. Expect to see other Tarrytown residents walking around with you too — between a historic golf course, the Mayfield Park and Nature Reserve (famous for its gaggle of roaming peacocks), and outdoor contemporary art museum, Laguna Gloria, this neighborhood offers up green space (and outdoor activities) to fill many days.

Our Favorite Spots

The vegan grub at The Beer Plant will wow even the biggest Texas barbecue devotee. This gastropub’s veggie version of a hot chicken sandwich will thrill your taste buds. Also, be forewarned before heading to Austin Pets Alive!’s Tarrytown Dog Adoption Center. There’s a 90% chance you'll walk out with a puppy after glimpsing the cute, furry faces they lovingly shelter there.

Things to Know

In harmony with its suburban feel, Tarrytown has plenty of parking. However, the neighborhood itself is equally walkable and bikeable. The stunning houses there will lure you into its streets. But, due to the price point, some fresh-out-of-college folks and new Austin residents prefer to start out in a temporary apartment while they get to know the city. For those ready to put down roots and invest in a place for their family to call home, Tarrytown is ideal.

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