Little Five Points Atlanta Neighborhood Guide

Little Five Points Atlanta Neighborhood Guide

A colorful district bursting with vintage shops and bars.

Hip · Colorful · Eccentric · Offbeat

The iconic Little Five Points Atlanta neighborhood is home to some of the most vibrant and trendy shops in the city. It borders Poncey-Highland and Inman Park, two other hip and walkable neighborhoods. Little Five Points is a hipster's paradise with record shops, local boutiques, and dive bars on every corner. This is an artistic neighborhood through-and-through. Local music venues, murals, and bright store-fronts cover the main streets. Locals enjoy the unique food and drink offerings of the Little Five Points community.

This neighborhood is extremely proud of its mom-and-pop stores and has been known to push out chain restaurants and big-box stores that try to encroach. The nightlife scene in Little Five Points is always buzzing— locals and tourists alike will find that there’s always something to do in this charming little district of Atlanta.

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Neighborhood Life

The energetic community of Little Five Points is sure to appeal to all walks of life. With trendy boutiques and eclectic restaurants, there is no limit to the good times you can have in this neighborhood. With typical Southern charm, this area loves to welcome visitors and show off the vibrant culture that exists within its walls.

Local Hangouts

You won’t find any brand name chain stores here. Little Five Points has a thriving atmosphere of local-approved shops and is known for its eclectic bars and restaurants. One of the most notable is the Star Bar— an old bank turned funky dive that plays live music and has a shrine of Elvis memorabilia. The Vortex is another after-dark favorite that prides itself on an off-beat atmosphere. If thrifting is your thing, be sure to stop in at Psycho Sisters to get your vintage fix.

Things to Know

This is an extremely walkable area, so a car is only necessary if you’ll be traveling outside the neighborhood. (Although there are still plenty of public transportation options.) Little Five Points is extremely enthusiastic about local businesses and will show their support by shopping and eating primarily at community-driven places in order to maintain the neighborhood’s character. The housing situation consists mainly of bright and vivid single-family homes and a few multi-family options.

Frequently Asked Questions

The name Little Five Points refers to the intersection at the heart of Downtown Atlanta. Moreland Avenue, which runs straight north & south, serves as the dividing line between Fulton and DeKalb counties.

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