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3372 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA

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Icon Buckhead is a rental apartment in Buckhead.


3372 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta GA



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3372 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA


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5.00 / 5

Apr 2020

We decided we wanted to wake up in a place we LOVED every day. Our apartment in ICON BUCKHEAD has a clean, modern look that makes the apartment feel lux and organized. The floor to ceiling windows were a must have for us because we wanted to have a view of the city and the added ambiance of a daily golden sunset. (The view alone is almost worth moving here). The amenities are gorgeous and are actually functional spaces we continuously want to spend time in, not just filler spaces like I have seen in other Buckhead apartment complexes. Gym = incredible use of space for an apartment gym. I do pilates overlooking Peachtree street in the mornings on the outdoor exercise roof/grass area. We cannot wait to have dinner/ hangout near the fire pit/hot tub on the rooftop. There is also a massage treatment room and full movie theater in addition to a sky lounge on the 35th floor. You definitely get your money's worth. Bottom line: This apartment is worth every penny and our experience from touring, to our 3rd month renting has been nothing short of a DELIGHT. Our leasing agent Malcom Lewis was so kind and professional throughout the entire application process. His kindness and transparency really hit home with me as ICON BUCKHEAD was the last place we toured, after touring what felt like was every. single. apartment complex in the immediate Buckhead area. We seriously toured EVERYTHING, some buildings we toured twice. Some agents at neighboring complexes were not professional (Or have no remote clue on how to make a sale or even treat a potential client - Maybe I'm wrong but I thought it was their J.O.B to sell the building...) and treated our search for our new home like a transactional nuisance. We had multiple bad experiences with leasing agents, making us feel like we were wasting their time on a 15 minute tour. With no pictures of the inside of the apartments online, I guess it's normal to make a $10k-$20k decision on an apartment in 7 minutes? All of our appointments were exactly that, APPOINTMENTS to make time to see the building. We didn't just walk in and disturb the lives of the leasing agents. We had multiple appointments that were ignored and left us waiting in the lobby only to have us LEAVE and make repeat appointments that were ignored again, in the SAME day. I was baffled by the culture of these leasing offices and that's why I wanted to write this little blurb about why I truly appreciated, not even just the customer service, but the professional attitudes of the leasing agents in ICON BUCKHEAD. It was a distinct change in professional environment and experience. (Cough..Post Alexander this is 100% directed at your leasing staff. The multiple negative experiences with the leasing + front desk people that we would end up seeing every day, the rundown amenities, and the unloading of extra fees at the end of the process were the reasons we chose to spend the extra money on ICON over it's neighbor POST ALEXANDER HIGHRISE. ICON blew us alway in comparison with the other places we toured. It is a little bit more expensive, however, after you tally up all the other hidden fees that other complexes charge you at signing, it is really not that much more expensive... and it has been well worth it. ICON has most of their fees INCLUDED in rent, which is just nice not to be led astray when comparing price points. I really liked that after becoming exhausted making excel sheets to compare the actual bottom line prices of the apartments we were comparing. Our time in ICON BUCKHEAD has been a truly painless and memorable chapter in our lives that we know we will always remember. This building is far above the other rental offerings in the area. We love it and hopefully this heartfelt review will save you some of the growing pains we had to go through when seriously deciding where in Buckhead we were going to make our home. Thanks!

What did you like most?

Our amenities are INSANE. We chose this building because we decided the amenities were going to be where we spent a decent portion of our time at home. They far surpass the communal spaces offered by other apartment complexes in the Buckhead area.

What did you like least?

The sink is a modern farmhouse style box sink. While very stylish and visually appealing, functionally, you have to scrub the sink anytime you wash a plate or put anything non-liquid in it. The shower temperature and pressure is SO ANNOYING that my boyfriend and I have started taking the quickest, most unsatisfying showers. It's almost a chore to shower because the temp and pressure are so weak. You can't even take a hot bath because the water will be COLD or luke warm by the time the tub is full. I love a good bath and my boyfriend will heat up every single pot we have on the stove and fill the tub for me so that the desired (normal) bath temperature is achieved. (Yes, he is so awesome). Albeit, please note that we recognize it as a small price to pay for an otherwise amazing rental experience! The apartment is seriously incredible despite this small concession.

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